ACT Youth


Led by internationally renowned theatre practitioner and Moon Fool’s artistic director, Anna-Helena McLean the A.C.T ensemble are offering groups of young people and children a unique theatre workshop as part of a new training program to introduce children to Shakespeare in an exciting and relevant way.

Through playful exercises in music, rhythm and dynamic physicality, participants are introduced to ACT’s theatre practice.



ACT Youths current project is a youth version of the adult production STORM called Stormsong.

STORM is currently in development as an adult production. Stormsong was developed alongside this at The Quadrangle Festival in Kent in July 2013 and has since been commissioned by Warwick libraries for Shakespeare week 17-21 March 2014.

Moon Fool has used the research, musical material and new writing developed for the upcoming adult production and transformed this to make an interactive and thought provoking show for young people.

For more Info on Stormsong Click HERE

Turning Shakespeare Upside Down at the Quadrangle Trust

In 2013 ACT Youth led a workshop to 50 children using exercises based upon the themes found within The Tempest


All 50 group members took part in physical theatre, musical exercises and playful, energetic games led by actor-practitioners from the ACT Ensemble. This area of the training develops the group spirit and introduces students to working as a chorus leading to varying levels of ensemble performance.

Students explored choral singing, breath, articulation and were introduced to basic European rhythms using the body and breath.


The students developed an alphabet of gesture over the course of the workshop giving them new means with which to tell their story. They used this physical language to express words, themes, emotions and explore characters.

The session concluded with a sharing of the work for friends, teachers and family. The project opened collaboration opportunities between West Kent communities and The Quadrangle Trust in Kent while also interweaving issues on climate change into the learning outcomes as relevant to Moon Fool’s new production ‘Storm’.



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