The Tempest

Here is a brief summary of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. We will be using characters from this within the workshop so please have a read! (download below)

A shipwreck lands on the island; the ship contains the king of Naples, his son Ferdinand, the Duke of Milan and Gonzalo a member of the court in Milan.

The storm was created by a spirit of the island called Ariel, who was serving Prospero. Prospero used to be the Duke of Milan but his brother and the king of Naples betrayed him, and took his position and sent him and his daughter off on a boat with only his books of magic (which were smuggled on board by Prospero’s friend Gonzalo.) They landed on the island and found the island inhabited by spirits, Ariel was trapped in a tree by the evil witch Sycorax, who was dead, however Prospero freed Ariel and made him his Servant.

12 years passed and then Prospero discovered that his enemies were sailing nearby and so got Ariel to create the storm to wreck their ship and make them land on the island. Ariel made the people of the ship land in different places, Ferdinand landed separate to his father and his group, and both thought that the other was dead. Ferdinand then wanders the island and finds Miranda. This was part of Prospero’s plan and he makes Ferdinand work whilst he waits for the right moment to marry his daughter to him.

Ariel leads the group from the ship towards Prospero, and along the way Two of the sailors become drunk and plan to kill the king of Naples, but Ariel stops them by waking everyone. These two men find a creature called Caliban along the way and he worships them and their alcohol and hatches a plan with them to kill Prospero, Ariel reports the plot to Prospero.

Caliban was the child of Sycorax the witch who was dead, and he is half human half animal, whom Prospero tried to teach to be more civilized but Caliban attacked Miranda, so he became the slave of Prospero and hates him for it.

Prospero has released Ferdinand and given his blessing to the marriage of the two young people. When the two sailors and Caliban arrive at Prospero’s room they are distracted by some brightly coloured clothes that have been hung out for them, then they are chased away by a band of spirits who have taken on the form of dogs.

Ariel brings the party to the cell. Prospero renounces his magic and reveals himself. He forgives his brother and prepares to return to Milan to resume his dukedom. Miranda and Ferdinand are betrothed. Sailors arrive and announce that the ship hasn’t been wrecked after all, and is safely anchored off the island. Ariel is set free. Caliban and the drunken servants are also forgiven. There is a final celebration of their reunion.

Please feel free to download this and print it out here:

brief plot of the tempest



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